Local Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing For Local Businesses

If you are here, then you are likely looking for answers to how you can use the internet to get more exposure for your local business. There are some basic “best practices” that you should always do, and there are some advanced tactics that will help you in more competitive markets. Finding the best course for your particular business requires some research, and a willingness to try new approaches.

What Your Website Should Do For You

With your website properly set up, you can see how many people are coming to your website, which pages they are visiting, and how long they stay on your site. And, you can check to see where your business is showing up in online searches. I recommend you put your focus on getting found for your highest profit products/services. Advertising “loss leaders” and using coupons is generally not the best approach for small businesses. (Ask me why.)

Many local business owners get all caught up in having a website that “looks good”, and sometimes they will spend a lot of money with a website designer to get that special look. Later, they find out that nobody is finding their pretty website. They may even discover that some things that are not working properly, and the “designer” doesn’t have the technical skills to fix it. The best website for your local business, is one that gets found for what you offer, is easy to navigate, and provides real relevent information that actually helps people.

Do You Believe In What You Do?

Some local business owners believe the commercials that say you can build your own website in three easy steps using some free service. If you offer a quality product at a fair price, do you believe that people should buy your product, or buy a cheaper one somewhere else? If you provide a quality service at a fair price, do you believe that people should hire you to provide that service, or do it themselves? Now ask yourself, should you build your own website to save money? Or, should you hire someone to work with you to build a website that makes you money, by making it easy for potential customers to find you?

Other Online Marketing

Think of your website as the central hub of your online marketing, with many other ways to get exposure for your business. There are options that cost money and options that just take time to utilize. You just have to decide who’s time you want to spend on them. Most likely, your time is too valuable to do it yourself. Optimizing what we call your “Foundational Footprint” of your online marketing will pay you huge dividends, and is recommended as a first step. And don’t ignore your existing customers - a common mistake of small business owners.

Where To Start

I’m sure that you wouldn’t argue, that it’s a lot harder to get where you want to go, if you don’t know where you are. So, I recommend that we start with an evaluation of your online exposure, including your website. Once you can see the ‘big picture’ you will be able to make an informed decision on how much you’ll benefit from increasing your online exposure.

Send me an email with your business name, location, website address, and your contact information. I will provide you an evaluation at no cost and without obligation. You will receive actionable value from this evaluation that you can use to improve your marketing results. Get your evaluation today because the sooner you find out where you are, the faster you can correct your course toward bigger profits.

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Internet Marketing for Local Businesses

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